How foreclosure can negatively affect you.

how foreclosure can negatively affect you

When facing foreclosure, the temptation is to let the process happen and then move on with your life. Unfortunately, getting your house repossessed can lead to a host of unwanted knock-on effects, many of which make things even worse. Far from moving on, you find yourself going backward. Foreclosures aren’t rare, either. According to data, […]

How does a short sale work?

how does a short sale work

A short sale is a common path for a foreclosed property. If you are wondering how does a short sale work, this will answer your questions and explain why this may not be the best solution for foreclosure. What is a short sale? A short sale is when the mortgage company or bank accepts an […]

What is a mortgage assumption?

mortgage assumption

A mortgage assumption is one of many options to get out of foreclosure. The general idea of the concept seems like a great option, but there are some things to consider when trying to pursue a mortgage assumption. We are going to explain exactly how the process works and what to consider. What is a […]

How to get out of foreclosure.

Foreclosure is not something anyone wants to go through, and the effects of foreclosure can linger for years and can really negatively impact you in multiple ways. But it can be tough to meet financial obligations that were made when your finances were in a different state. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what they can […]