Foreclosure Rescue

How to get out of foreclosure.

Foreclosure is not something anyone wants to go through, and the effects of foreclosure can linger for years and can really negatively impact you in multiple ways. But it can be tough to meet financial obligations that were made when your finances were in a different state.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know what they can do to avoid foreclosure or get out of that situation. There are a few ways you can get out of foreclosure, but the truth is that there is really only one solution that will really benefit you.

Here is the little know way you can get out of foreclosure.

What are your options for getting out of foreclosure?

If you are stuck in foreclosure, you are probably feeling worried and stressed. Financial hardship is tough for everyone, so you are not alone. Most people feel like they don’t have any good options to help solve this situation, and this can result in various outcomes that damage their financial health even more.

For instance, many people simply walk away from their homes, leaving behind any equity they have built up over the years. This is one of the worst things you can do because you not only go through foreclosure, but you also miss out on equity you have earned, even if your home is underwater.

Some people will agree to a short sale which can help to potentially (potentially is the key word) avoid foreclosure. But a short sale can fall through and the bank may not be able to come to an agreement with a buyer.

Another option is a mortgage assumption. This solution is usually one that people jump to because it seems so easy, but it has many challenges. Your mortgage company may not even allow this as an option to get out of your loan.

Depending on your specific situation and the current market conditions, you can attempt to sell your home in order to pay off your debts. But there are many fees associated with listing your home and going through the sales process with an agent, and you have to wait for the buyer and the formal process that comes with selling your home (i.e. inspection, appraisal, lender approval for the buyer, title company paperwork, repairs, negotiation, and so on).

You might not have that much time and once you look at the bottom line after paying all of the fees (average broker’s fee is 5-6% of the sale price alone) you might get far less that you had hoped.

The Best Solution to Avoid Foreclosure

So here’s the good news. There is an option that is the best for both you and the bank. See the bank doesn’t want to foreclose either for two reasons:
  1. They make money by lending out money. If they foreclose on your loan, then they have to generate another loan.
  2. They don’t want to pay the fees associated with foreclosure either. There is time and money involved to foreclose and that just drives up the cost of doing business.

The truth is, the bank wants to keep your loan alive and continue being serviced.

Here’s what you can do to help yourself and make the bank happy.

Oh, did I mention this can happen real fast?

Freedom Foreclosure Rescue can help you get paid up on your delinquent payments, take over the responsibility of your mortgage payments, get you paid for the equity you have in the property, AND help you get moved.

Yes, you read that right. When you work with us, we literally offer the only solution that will meet your needs 100% and the bank’s.

How is that possible? Is this magic? What’s the catch?

No magic here and yes, this is very possible. We’ve done it for countless others.

There is a catch though.

You still have to give up your home ownership, which is why we provide support to help you move. 

We become the owner of the property, BUT so long as we continue to service the mortgage on your behalf. If at any time in the future we fail to make the payments on the property, you get your home back and all of the built-up equity from our payments over the years.

So the catch isn’t even a catch–it’s a safeguard for you.

The beauty of all of this is that you can completely avoid foreclosure, find peace of mind, and start sleeping again, and the bank is happy as a clam.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and there is Freedom right there waiting for you.

If you think this might be the right solution for you, apply to see if you qualify. You have nothing to lose and your life to gain.


Find your way
out of foreclosure.

Find your way
out of foreclosure.

There is a way to avoid foreclosure. Freedom can help you save your credit and get the bank off your back.

Tell us a little about your home and mortgage and we can help you get the process started.

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